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There are various types of bikes with different sizes. As a beginner, it’s always challenging to the find the right sized bicycle for yourself – a bike that fits your height and weight. Be it a road bike or MTB, a wrong sized bike will ruin your biking journey.

So, here at BikeSized.com, we help people understand what size is an ideal fit for them. Whether you are short, overweight, or really tall, we cover every information about which bike size you should pick.

Usually, determining a correct bicycle size depends on two things – your inseam length and your height. We make it more simpler by providing a size chart (in inch and centimetre) for each and every individual. The size chart contains other essential information, like bicycle range, its features, wheels and frame sizes, the right age group, your body features, etc.

Who we are – the team


Milie Bam – Writer and Editor

She is the writer and editor-in-charge of BikeSized. Yeah, she is not a professional cyclist and has not participated in Tour De France but cycling is her favorite form of exercise. She is a cycling enthusiast and loves to write and research about bicycles and other new bikes and accessories. Also, she makes sure every topic published on the blog is accurate and entertaining.

Hoi Ya Nu (BikeSized.com Author)

Hoi Ya Nu – Writer

She is just 4 feet 8 inch, but her height doesn’t stop her from cycling regularly. Hoi Ya Nu is passionate about bicycle and you’ll probably find her riding Road Bike in the streets of Bali. She loves to share her cycling experience and also she wants to share everything about small bikes and other related topics here on BikeSized.com.

Benan L - BikeSized.com Author

Benan L – Editor and Founder

He is an avid cyclist and always loves being outdoor. Ben enjoys running, hiking, bike touring, and reviewing various cycle types. He is responsible for all the technical part of the blog, creating infographics, taking photos, editing, researching about the bike topics, and communicating with other anonymous writers. Ben’s friends and family think that he knows a lot about bicycle that encouraged him to start this website in order to share everything he knows about about bike sizes and cycling.

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