Mag Wheels For Bike: Is It Worth It? (PROS & CONS)

Mag Wheels For Bike: Is It Worth It? (PROS & CONS)

Mag wheels are the short-form of magnesium wheels and they are considered to be light in weight and they provide a unique look to your bike. How? As compared to the usual wheels that comprise roughly 20 spokes, magnesium wheels have around 4-5 rigid spokes that feel like a breath of fresh air in terms of looks.

Apart from providing support to the rider and letting you maneuver through bumpy roads, mag wheels have a lot to offer. However, there are a couple of downsides to owning them too.

You’ll get to know about them in detail in the article.

What are mag wheels for a bike?

Mag wheels are made from magnesium, which is where the name comes from. They are known to be eye-catching with 3-5 spokes as compared to regular wheels comprising 20 spokes or more. These wheels are used on a large scale on mountain bikes, BMX, and sports bikes, but also on other bikes too.

Bike mag wheels

What are mag wheels used for?

Mag wheels are used for enhancement in bike performance as they tend to be lightweight. They are quite ideal for racing as they are strong compared to spoked wheels and you’re bound to have better balance as per aerodynamics.

Advantages of mag wheels for bikes

There are numerous advantages of having mag wheels for your bike. Let’s go through them:

1. Stylish looks

In the era of aesthetics, it is important to make your bicycle sport a pair of mag wheels. Compared to regular wheels, the spokes look a lot thicker and less in number which grabs attention within seconds. Having these wheels will make your bicycle stand out from the rest.

2. Longer life expectancy

It is said that mag wheels last longer when you compare them to other wheels when used on city roads.

3. Lightweight

Magnesium wheels for bikes tend to weigh around 2.20 – 3.30 pounds, which is lighter than other wheels. The size of the rim plays a crucial part too, but lightweight wheels tend to provide additional speed along with better control.

4. Better braking power

Thanks to its robust build, a bike with mag wheels gets an additional boost in terms of braking power. Press the brakes and get the desired stop without worrying much.

Disadvantages of mag wheels for bikes

Every other thing has a downside, the same goes for magnesium wheels.

1. Less flexible

Since magnesium wheels feel a lot firm to ride, the wheels might not be in sync accurately with your biking actions. So, you might have to carefully move around them.

2. Costly

It might be lightweight and brings elegance to your bicycle, but these wheels are known to be expensive.

3. Bad off-road experience

To enjoy off-road adventures, the wheels need to be flexible to tackle slides, jumps, etc. Mag wheels don’t have the flexibility to take on such terrains.

4. Cannot straighten them again

Once the mag wheels are bent due to a minor accident or impact, there’s no going back to their original form. You won’t be able to correct its form again.

Mag alloy wheels vs spoke wheels: which is better?

Mag alloy wheels vs spoke wheels

Spoke wheels are the old-school variant when compared to magnesium alloy wheels. The introduction of alloy wheels brought a revolution and changed the dynamics of bikes around the world. Even though mag wheels are used largely, many still prefer spoke wheels.

Let us discuss about which is better for bikes:

Mag Alloy WheelsSpoke Wheels
Allows customization – As they tend to have a different set of colors and designs, the wheels can be easily customized as per your own choice.Affordable – They are not expensive as anyone can purchase them without worrying about the price.
Lightweight – Since it is lighter, it provides a massive boost in terms of speed and makes the tires aerodynamic.Ideal for off-road – Spoke wheels are perfect for an off-road adventure as they are more flexible.
Fewer punctures – Magnesium alloy wheels are known to be tubeless. These tubeless tires don’t get punctured easily.Repairing is easy – Due to its simple and uncomplicated design, it is quite easy to repair spoke wheels.

Both wheels have their perks and specialties. It all boils down to personal preference, but magnesium wheels score more for me.

Final thoughts

Mag wheels are the cooler variant of spoke wheels with additional useful features for bike enthusiasts. However, there are certain disadvantages too of having a magnesium wheel, which I will be honest about. Let’s not take away the fact that these wheels give you an immense sense of fun to ride on.

If you’re not much bothered about spending a few more bucks to add a touch of speed and style to your bike, go for a mag wheel.

Are you planning to get a mag wheel?

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