Bike Size For 5 Feet Woman: What Size Do I Need?

Bike Size For 5 Feet Woman: What Size Do I Need?

Biking can be fun and be used for different purposes in the form of commuting, touring, or adventure activity. However, the main problem arises when people aren’t sure what size is perfect for them. This holds for women, as many of them find it difficult to find the best size suitable for them. There are many ways in which women’s bikes are measured, especially bike size for 5 feet woman.

Additionally, measurements of bikes can be done via knowing the frame size and also wheel size. I’ll be discussing them in detail.

Keep reading below to know what the ideal bike sizing for 5 feet woman is.

If you are in a hurry, here’s the bike size chart for 5 ft woman –

Bike RangeSuggested Frame SizeDescriptive Bike Size
Road Bike44 – 46cm (XXS)
Mountain Bike13 – 14 inches (33-36cm) (XS)
Comfort/Hybrid Bike13 – 14 inches (33-36cm) (XS)
Cruiser Bike12 – 15 inches (30-38cm) (XS)
BMX Bike14 – 16 inches 20″
Note: Some manufacturers may use different Bike Sizing method.

OR (if the size is listed by wheel diameter)

24-inch Wheels5 foot woman with shorter legs
26-inch Wheels (recommended)5 foot woman with average/longer legs
ExampleHuffy Stone Mountain Women’s 26″

Can a 5 feet woman ride a bike?

Yes! A 5 feet woman can easily ride a bike with a couple of things to be taken into consideration like wheel size, and frame size too.

26-inch should be the ideal bike size for 5 feet woman, this does depend on her arm and leg length. If they are of average size, 26-inch is the perfect bike suitable for 5ft woman as per size.

If she tends to have shorter legs, I would recommend sporting a 24-inch bike for 5 feet (152.4 cm) woman. Moreover, choose a bike where you can easily control it without too much effort. It would be a completely bad decision in case you go for a heavier bike that rather controls you.

To conclude, a 5 feet woman can ride a bike without any problem. Depending on the length of her arms and legs, it should be a piece of cake riding a bicycle.

What size bike for 5 foot woman? Answered!

Bike Size For 5 Feet Woman

Every individual has different anatomy. Some women have longer legs, and others might have shorter/longer arms. The frame size and wheel size are of utmost importance when choosing a bike suitable for a 5ft woman.

To answer the question, a woman with a height of 5 feet can opt for a 26-inch wheel size bike in case she has longer than average legs. The frame size can be between 44-49 centimeters as that would be comfortable for her.

If her legs are on the shorter side, I would recommend going for a petite 24-inch wheel-size bike to have better control of the bike. When it comes to mountain bikes, a 5 feet woman should opt for a 13-14 inch frame size.

Ladies, it all boils down to your size and comfort about riding a bike. If you’re a 5 feet woman, you can switch between 24-26 inch bikes with a frame size of 44-49 cm.

Ideal wheel size & frame size for a 5 feet woman

As I mentioned above in the article, knowing the wheel and frame size is important to know what should be the suitable bike size for 5 feet woman. I’ll be displaying what should be the frame and wheel size that a 5 feet woman should go for in terms of a road bike, mountain bike, and hybrid bike.

Have a look:

1. For road bike

When selecting a road bike, a frame size of 44-46 centimeters should be apt with a wheel size of 24 or 26 inches depending upon her arm and the length of her legs. If the woman has longer legs, a 26-inch wheel size should be perfect.

If her legs or arms are short, going for 24 inch wheel size should be the right option.

2. For mountain bike

Mountain bikes tend to have an adrenal rush in themselves. It stands apart from a normal road bike in various ways and one of them being the size of its wheels.

In terms of frame size, a 5 feet woman can opt for small size of 13-14 inches. In terms of wheel size, 26 inches or even 29 inches. When the 29er mountain bikes first appeared, it sort of eliminated most of the women riders as it was mostly for people around 5 feet 8 inches.

Recent innovations in the form of dropped stems and ultra-short head tubes have attracted women within the height range of 5 feet.

In short, 26 inch wheel size and 13-14 inch frame size would be perfect.

3. For hybrid bike

When it comes to hybrid bikes, they tend to be a bit similar to road bikes. However, they are sized in inches. If you’re a woman who loves off-road adrenal rush, having a hybrid bike is a must.

Having a frame size of 13-14 inches (33-36 cm) should be ideal for a 5 feet woman.

4. For cruiser bike

Cruiser bikes are imperative bikes that can be used for shorter-distance travel. What makes them different is that they tend to have balloon tires and are designed in an upright seating posture.

Bike sizing for a 5 feet woman in terms of the wheel should be 26-inch. If she’s taller than 5’5, 27.5 inches or 29-inch wheel size should be the correct pick. In terms of frame size, 50-52 cm is what a 5 feet woman should pick for her cruiser bike.

5. For BMX bike

BMX bikes are known for their cool stunts and off-road activity. These bikes tend to have durable construction and are used for personal and professional use. A frame size of 14-16 inches with a wheel size of 20 inches is a good enough option.

People also ask

Is 5 feet too short to ride a bike?

NO! There is nothing called being ‘too short’ to ride your bike. All you need to know is what is comfortable for you in terms of frame size, and learning to control it. If you keep a check on these, there should be nothing stopping you.

Should I opt for a kid’s bike?

I don’t think you need to do that. As long as you can keep your feet planted on the ground, you’re good to go with any bike. You can do minor changes by cutting out the extra 3 inches of foam or even having a small frame size shall do for you.

Do women need different bike sizing?

Females can ride any bike that fits them by utilizing the same chart as men. However, there are specific models specially designed for women to give them an extra sense of comfort. It is not at all necessary for women to have different bike sizing in comparison to men.

In conclusion

Cycling is an essential activity not only to commute between places but also to keep you fit. These days, many cycle manufacturers are focusing on producing women-specific bikes/cycles to cater a large audience that is enthusiastic about cycling. However, many females do not mind owning a unisex cycle as they offer the same comfort.

When it comes to a woman with a height of around 5 feet, they do not have to worry about whether they’ll be able to ride a bicycle. If you have a proper idea about what frame size and wheel size, you’re good to go.

Additionally, reducing the foam from the seat of the bike can also be of help for a 5 feet woman to ride a bike without any discomfort and enjoy the ride.

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