24 Inch Bike For What Size Person, Age & Height? (Chart/Guide)

24-Inch Bike For What Height, Age or Size?

A 24-inch wheel bike is ideal for kids between the ages 7 – 11 and for adults who are short in height (4’5″ – 5’4″). But, what does a 24-inch bicycle mean? Let’s discuss it in detail further below.

I know, learning to ride a bicycle for the first time is one of the best feelings. After the initial learning process, most kids want to upgrade the bike to a bigger and better one.

Before you get ready and strap your helmet for the ride, it is important to know what is the perfect sized bike for you.

24-inch bike meaning & for what size person is it?

24 inch bike for what size person?

There is a difference between a 24-inch wheel and a 24-inch frame. A 24-inch bike means that the sizes of the wheels are about 24 inches, usually for kids or small riders. Whereas, 24-inch frame size bikes are meant for heavy adults as the bicycles for kids are only measured through wheel size/diameter.

Coming to the point, the ideal 24-inch bicycle age is between 7 to 11 years. However, the height and inseam of the kid and the geometry of the bike also play a big part in it.

In case an adult has a height ranging from 4’5” to 5’4”, they can still use a 24″ bike. If you are shorter than 4’5″ then you should opt for a 20/22-inch bicycle.

What if you are taller than 5.4 feet? You may consider a 26-inch bike. (Find out the real differences here – 24″ vs 26″ bike)

24-inch wheel bicycle size chart

AgeHeightInseamWheel Size
7 – 11 years4’5″-5’4″ (134-162cm)23″-28″ (60-72cm)24 inches
For adultsSame as aboveSame as above/70cm+24″/26″

Things to know while choosing a 24-inch bike

There are numerous things that parents need to keep in mind while selecting a 24″ wheels bike for their beloved kids. It can be an uphill task, but you’ll be good to go with proper knowledge and information. For your information, not all bikes are similar in terms of design and comfort, so that can create some confusion.

However, you don’t have to break a sweat as I’m here to make it easy for you. Let’s check out the things you need to keep in mind while selecting a 24-inch bike for the kid.

1. Measuring inseam of your kid

Inseam length for kids

Inseam is one of the most imperative factors when choosing to purchase a bike. Inseam in simple terms means, the measurement from the inside of an individual’s groin to the bottom part of the ankle.
You must measure the inseam of your kid before you purchase a bike for the little one. On average, the inseam of 7-11-year-old kids going for a 24-inch bike should measure between 24-28 inches (60-72cm).

2. Price

When you talk about 24-inch wheels bikes, they roughly cost the same as adult bikes in most models. By spending around $300, you should be able to get a pretty good bike for your kid. If you want superior models, you might have to splurge about $500-600.

You do not have to spend that much as within a price range of $300 you’ll be getting a lot of options for top-quality 24-inch bikes for kids.

3. Lightweight

The weight of a bike plays a big factor when choosing it for kids. Just like, 7-11 years is the ideal 24-inch bicycle age for the little ones, simultaneously the weight of the bike needs to be given a thought as well.
It is always better to get a lightweight bike for the kid as it might get difficult for them to learn quickly, and they would have a hard time maneuvering the bike with ease.

Apart from the price of the bike, the weight is an essential factor too.

4. Height of the kid

If your kid’s height is within the range of 4’5” to 5’4”, it is apt to stick with 24-inch wheel size. If they are quite tall for their age and above 5’4” (with 70cm+ inseam), going for an adult bike of 26 inches or more can be the correct option.

Additionally, adult bikes are measured via frame size instead of wheel size.

5. Does your child like the bike?

If the kid simply doesn’t enjoy riding the bike that you got for them, it won’t make any sense. It is essential to ask your kid whether they like the bike or not.

6. Gears & brake

Kids don’t need to have gear as it might confuse them and also bring in an additional amount of weight. It would be better to keep it easy and not complicated. Until the kid is big enough to try out a 26-inch bike, it would be best to avoid gears in a bicycle.

In terms of brakes, there are a few different ones in the form of coaster brakes, disc brakes, hand brakes, etc. All of these brakes serve a different purpose for riding a bike, so be smart in picking the bicycle for your kid.

7. Warranty

Have a look at the warranty offered as most bike manufacturers provide a warranty on certain parts and even a lifetime warranty.

People also ask

Is there any difference between Boys 24-inch bike and Girls 24-inch bike?

There’s no such difference when it comes to a kid’s bike. Unlike adult bikes that have a lot of differences, kid’s bikes do not come with any differences.

Is a 24-inch bike suitable for short adults?

It can be suitable for anyone with a height of less than 5’5” (5 feet 5 inches). However, it all depends on your weight and structure too.

24-inch bike is for what height?

Any kid/adult ranging between 4’5” and 5’4” can easily ride a 24-inch bike.

24 inch BMX Bike for what height?

It is suitable for people with a height of 170cm (5’7”) and above.


Getting the first bicycle is a dream for every kid. However, when it comes to a 24-inch bike, 7-11 years is the ideal 24-inch bicycle age for a kid.

There are plenty of options in the market that you can find which will suit your kid with a lot of features on offer. Hopefully, I made it easier for you to know about 24-inch wheel bikes and what should be the age for riding them.

Happy biking!

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