Best Electric Bike For Short Female/Small Woman (5ft+/Under)

Best Electric Bike For Short Female/Small Woman

This is a genuine fact that most short women don’t have enough options when it comes to the ideal bike/bike size for them. Bigger riders have the comfort of smoothly fitting into an average frame size, which is sadly not the case with a small lady. But don’t worry, I’ll help you figure out the best ebike for short female.

I’m myself a 4’8” tall woman, and I do know how it can get rough. Petite riders require an electric bike that can offer them complete comfort and are easy to maneuver. It can be difficult to find such an option, given that such an electric bicycle for a specific size is manufactured at a lower scale.

However, after years of experience in riding a bike, there are tons of options for a short woman.

6 best ebikes for short ladies

1. Heybike Mars 20” Foldable Electric Bike

Heybike Mars 20” Foldable Ebike for small female

This good-looking bike with a 20-inch wheel and a foldable 4-inch tire is the ultimate choice for girls with a smaller height. Having a 48-mile range, 500W motor, removable battery, front, and seat suspension makes it top of my list as an e-bike for small lady.

For a comfortable ride, there’s an adjustable front suspension that can without a fuss be locked while you are cycling on the road. Additionally, the handlebar and seat height can be adjusted as per preference, ranging from a height of 5’3”-6’3”.

From my personal experience, Heybike Mars e-bike is super-smooth while maneuvering or going for a long bicycle ride. As a foldable electric bike, it blows my mind how it lets short females ride the bike at ease.

Recommended height – 5’3”-6’3”

Complete value for your money (comes with separate accessories like saddle bag & basket as well)It is on the heavier side to ride pedal-only. You do require the assist.
Exceptional maneuveringBattery may drain out quickly
Provides utmost comfort while on a bike ride
Suitable for any terrain, excluding water
Has a charismatic style with unique features

2. TotGuard 26” Electric Mountain Bike

TotGuard 26” Electric Mountain Bike
Available in different colors

TotGuard has been making impressive E-bikes for numerous, and this one is for the ladies too. Powered by a 350W motor, the aluminum frames keep the bike lightweight and strong when compared to steel frames.

Apart from its stylish looks, the bike racks up a top speed of almost 20 Mph (19.8 mph). The battery is fully charged within 5 hours and provides 30 miles during the full electric mode. If you want to go the other way around, it offers 50-60 miles in pure pedal assist mode. When it comes to off-road conditions, you can lock the front suspension to reduce the compression rate of the spring.

If this is what you thought was everything, there is more on offer for biking enthusiasts. There are three different modes in the form of e-bicycle, normal bike, and assisted bicycle. However, I would suggest you combine all three modes for workouts or a longer-duration biking experience.

Recommended height – 5’2”-6’4”

LightweightCasual riders might find the suspension lock feature tough to handle
Able to load a weight capacity of 297lbs/135 kg
Three different modes as per your choice
Assembling the bike is easy

3. Sailnovo Electric Bike

Sailnovo e-bicycle
Available in different colors

This little electric bike comes off as a perfect fit for a short woman. With an incredibly long-lasting battery, it offers a pedal-assisted range of almost 45 miles. When I talk about speed, the Sailnovo electric bike gives a top speed of 18 mph, which is exceptionally good.

Having a 350W motor does help as it is going to take you to your destination before you can expect it. Similar to the Heybike Mars, you have the option of folding this small-sized unit which can be stored at any part of your house or even at the back of your car while traveling.

The tires of this particular electric bike are sturdy to keep you going on flatter terrain and those adjustable seats will keep the short lady comfortable throughout the journey.

There are a few pros and cons too that you should have a look at. This might help you in choosing the correct electric bicycle.

Recommended height – 4’10”-5’10”

Top-notch brake systemStruggles with steep inclines
Mileage range is impressive
Keeps you informed about your speed and battery life through the LED dashboard

4. Vivi Electric Bike MT20

Vivi Electric Bike MT20

Known as an electric bike that suits people of different heights, thanks to its swept-back handlebar and a low step frame. It is astonishingly powerful with a 500W motor that can be fully charged within a time frame of 4-5 hours.

The MT20 has a top speed of 20 mph guarantees that you are in for a fast ride; whether it is normal commuting or long-distance travel. Some of the things I need to highlight are that the bike has extensive shock-absorbing forks, dual disc brakes, a lighting system, and top-tier comfortable seats.

Additionally, the rear carrier rack can carry quite a few things without any problem. Given the overall weight of the bike being within 50 lbs, having a carrying capacity of 265 lbs is extremely incredible!

As an e-bicycle made specifically for commuting and short rides, it is worth it.

Recommended height – 5’1”-6’3”

Powerful removable batteryBrakes squeal intermittently
7-speed Shimano shifter is useful for various terrains for an enjoyable ride
Full suspension
Useful for short riders

5. EBKAROCY adult ebike (14 inch)

EBKAROCY electric bicycle 14 inch size

In my honest opinion, this is an exhilarating fun-filled mini electric folding bike from the house of EBKAROCY. The unique feature about this e-bike is that it weighs just 55 lbs (24.9kg) and bears up to 330 lbs (150kg) weight. But, what makes it the right electric bike for 5 foot woman is its wheel size/tires and adjustable seat post height.

EBKAROCY e-bicycle comes with dual disc brakes, high-carbon steel frame, mag alloy wheels, 400W motor, 15AH lithium battery, LCD display, and headlights. Surprisingly, this ebike can hit 20 miles per hour and offers 32 miles per range in power mode.

For commuting or casual riding on a park, this compact electric bicycle is a splendid pick. You can easily fold it, carry around, and stuff it inside your car. Technically speaking, the 400W 48V motor isn’t really powerful when you compare it to other premium electric bicycles. Another disadvantage of this 14″ ebike is that it isn’t comfortable riding on bumpy roads or uneven terrains because of its wheel sizes.

Having said that, EBKAROCY electric bike is a great choice for tiny riders.

Recommended height – 5 feet to 6 feet

Easily foldable and light-weightNot ideal for riding on unpaved surfaces
Adjustable seat height – fits a 5 foot woman
Compact and good-looking
Top specs – battery indicator, USB charging, multiple drive modes, and more.

6. Nakto 20” Pony (20-Inch Wheel)

Nakto 20” Pony ebike for small lady

Are you one of those looking for an e-bike that can effortlessly carry cargo around the city? The bike is built with a big-enough carrier on the front side with a rear seat as well for additional items.

The range on offer is roughly 20 miles with a charging time ranging between 4-6 hours. The most important thing that can make a small woman happy is that the bike has an adjustable saddle to suit the height of the rider. Moreover, there is a step-through frame to let your foot down during stoplights.

If you are between 5-6 feet in height and you want more city travel, the Nakto 20″ Pony can be your asset.

It ticks all the boxes in comfort, looks, build, and range as well.

Recommended height – 5’0-6’0”

Easy to assemblePedal Assist Speeds need some fine-tuning.
Top specs

E-bike tips for short women

There are certain tips for short women while planning to get an electric bike. Here are some of them:

1. Stack & reach are important

Similar to how your shirt size may vary between different brands, it is the same with e-bikes in general. A certain 20-inch size bike from a particular brand might fit perfectly, while the same size bike from a different brand might not be comfortable to sit on.

Comparing and knowing the stack & reach will help you find the ideal bike size from a list. It is the easiest method for comparing different bicycles.

2. Measure your inseam first

The inseam is the total length or distance from the top most portion of the thigh to the ankle. This indicates the stand over height of a rider and it is an imperative measurement, as this will let you know whether you can stand flat-footed over the bike’s top tube.

If you fail to do so, you won’t find it comfortable riding the bike.

Here’s our complete guide – Bike Size By Inseam

3. Step-thru frame design

These frames have the top tube slope positioned lower, and are often called the frame of a woman. For any females who are on the shorter side, such step-thru frames are a boon as they make it much easier for them to get off or get back on the bike with ease.

4. Adjustable seat

Adjustable seats can offer a lot of freedom, especially for shorter-statured women. This includes a comfortable riding experience, avoiding any injury, and being able to maneuver without much effort.
If the seats can’t be adjusted, that would result in a rigid and uncomfortable biking experience.

Things to consider in ebike for short female

1. E-bike types

There are several types of electric bikes that one can go for. Let me list out a few:

  • Commuter e-bikes – Day-to-day travel
  • Road e-bikes – Suitable for long-distance rides
  • Mountain e-bikes – Ideal for tough terrains
  • Foldable e-bikes – Comes in all categories – Commuter/Road/Mountain

Picking up a particular e-bike also depends upon the body structure of a female. Some petite women might be athletic and would prefer hitting the mountains, while others might be stronger but would prefer a commuter e-bike.

2. Motor types

These can be categorized into two types in the form of hub motors and mid-drive motors. However, mid-drive motors are light and offer a better climb experience. It would be apt for smaller females to opt for mid-drive motors as you wouldn’t want to be riding a heavy electric bike.

3. Battery size & range

If you prefer casual strolls around the city on a commuter bicycle, having a lower range on a single charge and a low-powered battery shall work. If you rather plan to go the distance for a mountainous travel experience or bike your way to a different town/city, getting a range of 30-40 miles per charge shall be essential.

Do make sure to have a look at such minute details as it will help in the long run.

4. Know the three e-bike classes

The three particular classes vary from one another in certain aspects.

  • Class 1 – These are entirely pedal-assist e-bikes without throttle, and provide a top speed of 20 mph. You will require a pedal for the throttle to engage.
  • Class 2 – It is known to be an easier class out of the three with throttle assist and has a maximum speed of 20 mph.
  • Class 3 – These electric bikes have a maximum speed of 28 mph with no throttle and are completely pedal-assist.

Class 2 seems a good-enough option, but it can depend upon your choice.

5. Smaller frame/wheel size

Having a smaller frame size is the key for a short woman as it keeps everything in balance. Also, having a wheel size that isn’t gigantic will let you stay away from maneuvering issues. Take an e-bike with a decently smaller frame and average-sized wheels to get going.

6. Lighter

Electric bikes are bulky by nature and you may get lost among them to pick the one for you. This is where you need to search for the lightest that you can comfortably ride and move around. A solitary tip that I would suggest is to spot e-bikes with components that are lighter in weight and frames as well.

Final thought

As a 4’8” woman who is immensely into bicycles, it wasn’t easy for me to get the perfect one. Similarly, there is no particular bike or size that would universally fit a shorter lady. We all have different body sizes, but you can take all the points that are mentioned above in the article and get to your ideal pick.

Keep experimenting, ladies! You shall be biking around soon.

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