Pinarello Size Chart By Height (Quick Guide)

Pinarello Bike Size Chart By Height (Quick Guide)

Pinarello bike sizing is not simple as the normal one. And that’s why many cycle enthusiasts are confused when choosing the ideal frame. The Italian bicycle brand manufactures bike models in multiple sizes. For example, the DOGMA F RED ETAP AXS model comes in 11 sizes. So, which Pinarello size do you need?

Well, I’ll guide you through their sizing guide and help you understand which Pinarello frame size you should consider. Pinarello bicycles are super expensive, so it’s important to do a thorough research, or you’ll end up wasting thousands of dollar/euros by picking up a wrong-fitting bicycle.

Before checking out the charts below, let’s first understand how Pinarello measures their bicycles.

Pinarello sizing: uses seat tube, not top tube length

Unlike many other race bicycle manufacturers, Pinarello measures frame sizes based on the Seat Tube Length (CC) instead of the Top Tube Length (L). Also, Pinarello bike size charts or geometry are all listed in milimeter (mm) metric unit, and not in centimeter. This causes confusion among many.

Look at the below image to understand better.

Pinarello bike sizing guide
Convert mm to cm. Example: 430 mm = 43 cm

In case you don’t have the chart with you while visiting a Pinarello store or you want to know your current bike model, manufacturing year, and frame size, look at the bar code.

  • First three digits = model & build year
  • The next three numbers = frame size in mm (50cm)
Pinarello bike model, build year, and size code

Pinarello bike size charts by height

The following size charts are just for a general guide. Your ideal bicycle size may vary according to your arm and inseam length, torso, and your body structure. I advise you to visit the nearest Pinarello store and ask for a test ride.

Dogma F road bike series size chart

Models – Custom Built, Red ETAP AXS, and Durace ACE Di2

Less than 165cm (5’4.9″)43043
165-169cm (5’4.9″-5’6.5″)46546.5
167-171cm (5’5.7″-5’7.3″)50050
170-174cm (5′.6.9″-5’8.5″)51551.5
173-177cm (5′8.11″-5’9.6″)53053
176-180cm (5’9.2″-5’10.9″)54054
178-182cm (5’10.7″-5’11.6″)55055
180-185cm (5’10.9″-6′.0.8″)56056
183-190cm (6’0″-6’2.8″)57557.5
188-194cm (6’2″-6’4.4″)59559.5
194cm+ (6’4.4″+)62062

Pinarello F series

Models – Pinarello F9 Dura Ace Di2, Pinarello F7 Ultegra Di2, and Pinarello F5 105 Di2

Less than 165cm (5’4.9″)43043
165-169cm (5’4.9″-5’6.5″)46546.5
167-171cm (5’5.7″-5’7.3″)50050
170-174cm (5′.6.9″-5’8.5″)51551.5
173-177cm (5′8.11″-5’9.6″)53053
176-180cm (5’9.2″-5’10.9″)54554.5
180-185cm (5’10.9″-6′.0.8″)56056
183-190cm (6’0″-6’2.8″)57557.5
190cm+ (6′.2.8″+)59559.5

Pinarello X series

Models – Pinarello X3 Sram Rival AXS and Pinarello X1 105

Less than 165cm (5’4.9″)43043
163-169cm (5’.4″-5’6.5″)46046
169-173cm (5’6.5″-5′8.11″)49049
173-176cm (5′8.11″-5’9.3″)51551.5
175-178cm (5’8.9″-5’10″)53053
176-180cm (5′8.11″-5’10.9″)54554.5
181-185cm (5’11″-6′.0.6″)56056
185-190cm (6′.0.6″-6′.0.8″)58058
190cm+ (6′.0.8″+)60060

Boldie series and Matt Italia

Models – Boldie F HR 3D, Boldie F, Boldie TR Ultegra DI2, and Maat Italia

Note: Not all models are available in the below given sizes. So, check accordingly!

Less than 157cm (5’1.8″)42542.5
157-168cm (5’1.8″-5′6.1″)45045
163-174cm (5’.4″-5’8.5″)47047
166-177cm (5’4″-5’9.6″)48548.5
167-171cm (5’5.7″-5’7.3″)50050
172-177cm (5’7.7″-5’9.6″)52052
178-182cm (5’10″-5’11″)55055

Crossista F Series

Models – Crossista F7 and Crossista F9

148-158cm (4’10”-5’2″)49049
158-168cm (5’2″-5′6″)50540.5
168-178cm (5′6″-5’10″)52052
178-185cm (5’10″-6′.0.8″)54044
185-193cm (6′.0.8″-6’3.10″)56056
193-198cm (6’3.10″-6’5.10″)58058

Pinarello gravel and Nytro e-bikes

Road bike models – Nytro E5 Road – 105 DI2, Nytro E9 Road – Dura ACE Di2, and Nytro E7 Road – Ultegra Di2

Gravel & electric – Nytro E7 Gravel – Sram Force AXS, Nytro E5 Gravel – Sram Rival AXS, and Grevil F EKAR, Nytro E5 Aallroad- Shimano Deore

Less than 170cm (5′.6.9″)460/47046/47
170-174cm (5′.6.9″-5’8.5″)50050
174-178cm (5’8.5″-5’10″)53053
178-183cm (5’10″-6’0″)55055
183-190cm (6’0″-6′.0.8″)57557.5
190cm+ (6′.0.8″+)60060

People also ask

How do I know what size Pinarello bike to get?

  • First, know your height and inseam.
  • Understand how Pinarrello measures their bicycle frames (explained above).
  • Go through the official sizing chart of the Pinarello model you want to buy.
  • Then, look at the above ‘Pinarello bike size charts by height‘ so that you have the basic knowledge.
  • Visit a Pinarello store or a dealer and do the fitting test.

Is Pinarello sizing different?

Yes, Pinarello measures frame size according to CC (Seat Tube) length in milimeter. Also, unlike other brands, Pinarello offers bicycles in various sizes, ranging from 3 to 13.

Do Pinarello bikes run big?

Yes, Pinarello bikes seem to be little bigger than bikes of the same size from other racing bicycle manufactures like Cervelo or Canyon.

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