What Age Is A 14/16 Inch Bike For? Chart, Tips, & Best Option

14/16 Inch Bike For What Age? (Chart + Quick Guide)

Typically, a 14 or 16-inch bike is the ideal size for a 5-year old boy or girl. A 14-inch bike can be a nice option for children between the ages of 3-5 years. Similarly, 16-inch wheels can be rocked by those falling between 5 to 7 years of age.

Just like adults, kids do need to have a bike size that suits them and is comfortable throughout their cycling time. So, what age is 14/16 inch bike for? Well, it depends on the height and inseam of your child as age is not the only criteria while determining the correct bicycle size.

Read our guide to know the best bicycle for your kid.

If you need a quick answer, here is the chart –

14 Inch Bike3-536″ – 43″ (3 – 3.58 ft.)15″ – 19″
16 Inch Bike5-739″ – 48″ (3.25 – 4 ft.)18″ – 22″

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What age is a 14-inch bike for?

Typically, 14-inch wheel bicycles are for kids within the age group of 3-5 years. Moreover, they are perfect for children within 36-43 inches (3 – 3.58 feet) in height as age is not the only factor when deciding the size of the bike for the little one.

Any kid within the age of 5 can ride a 14-inch bike, but knowing the height and inseam does help to get a clear picture too as not all children have the same body size.

What age is a 16-inch bike for?

16-inch bikes are mostly built for kids between 5-7 years of age with the height of 39-48 inches. These sizes of bikes do not come with gears and are assisted with training wheels. The reason for this is that children falling in this age group might not have the strength that is required for riding a bike.

If the kid is taller than 48 inches (4 feet), you can opt for a 20-inch bicycle too. However, a 16-inch bike should do it for children around 5-7 years of age.

Tips for choosing a 14-inch or 16-inch bike

1. Coaster vs hand brakes

Bike hand brakes

For a 14-inch bicycle, I think coaster brake (back pedal) is essential as most kids under five won’t have the hand strength to use hand brakes. Also, coaster brake is fun to use. The only downside is that, in rare cases, it doesn’t function if the chain snaps.

For 16-inch bicycles, they usually come with both coaster and hand brakes. By the time your kiddo reaches six years, he/she will be able to use the hand brake as well. Hand brakes have better stopping power than back pedal brakes.

2. Supporting wheels

14 inch bike with training wheels

When you talk about 14-inch bikes, they are typically equipped with training wheels as well as pedals. For 3-5 year olds, a two-wheeler bicycle with training wheels is recommended. Although balance bikes have gained popularity over the years, having a 14-inch bike with training wheels is the traditional way of learning to ride a bike.

3. Lightweight

Heavy bicycles are cheaper but they are hard for the little riders to control and balance. Lighter bikes on the other hand are expensive but easier to pedal and maneuver. If you have no budget restrictions, I advise parents to opt for the lightest bike out there. In my opinion, it’s better to get a used, lightweight bike than buying a new, heavy bike.

Also, remember that things like front basket, stabilizers, and fenders can make the bicycle more heavier. So, choose accordingly.

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People also ask

What size is a 14″ & 16″ frame bike?

A 14-inch frame bike is for individuals within the height of 4’10”-5’1”. It is categorized as an extra small size (XS). On the other hand, a 16-inch frame bike can be the best for people with a height of 5’2”-5’5”.
A 16-inch frame bike can be termed a small-size bike. If you’re on the shorter side, 14″/16″ bikes shall be good.

Why are 14″ wheel bikes hard to find?

14-inch bicycles are rare as compared to other bike sizes for kids. There are only a smaller amount of bike brands that make a 14-inch bike, and most of them are sold via the websites of certain bike brands.

Also, many people prefer to spend on a 12-inch beginner-size bike or go for a bigger size like a 16-inch. The 14-inch bike does get sandwiched between these two sizes, and that has resulted in brands opting for a larger production of 16-inch wheel size as compared to a 14-inch bicycle.

16″ bicycle is good for what height?

It is perfectly tailor-made for kids that are 99-122 cm (3.25-4.0 feet) in height. Having a 16-inch bike for kids is like the advanced version of a 14-inch bike and provides better leg space.

Also, anyone between 5-7 years old can get this size.

Can an 8-year-old kid ride a 16″ bike?

Usually, a 16-inch bike is apt for kids between 5-7 years. Even an 8-year-old can go for it, but that would depend on whether the child is too big or not for this bike size. I would rather prefer getting an 20 or 18-inch bike for an 8-year-old.

Can a 3-year-old ride a 16″ bike?

It won’t be suitable for a 3-year-old to ride a 16-inch bike as it may be too big. I would recommend a 12-inch or perhaps a 14-inch bike as a better option.

Summing up

It can be an easy yet complicated decision when finding a bicycle size for a 3 to 7-year-old boy or girl. It might be easy as you can go through the bike size chart above and select. While the complicated part is that you might be torn between a 14 and 16-inch bicycle for the little one.

A 14″ bicycle is good enough for children under five, while the 16-inch size is a favorable option for boys and girls of age five or above.

Go ahead and get that bike for your kid!

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