Giant Bike Size Chart By Height (Quick Guide With Bike Models)

Giant Bike Size Chart With Top Models + Are Giant Bikes Good?

As you know that before getting a bike for yourself, it is important to check whether the bike fits perfectly or not. Things like the rider’s height and inseam make a huge difference to your biking experience. Getting it right will help you in the long run, and that’s the reason I have made a Giant bike size chart to make your life easier.

Giant has a large fan following, and that is evident by the high ratings they receive on their bikes.
Knowing the correct bicycle size is imperative to have a comfortable ride on any kind of bike. If a person chooses the wrong fitting bike, they would find it difficult in tackling bumpy rides and cornering.

Additionally, there are a lot of bike models by Giant that have been a hit among people. Fasten up your seats as I’ll take you through the sizing guide, its popular models, and the reasons why Giant bikes are good.

Giant bike sizing charts in CM and inches

There are numerous top-notch models from the brand in the form of on-road bikes, off-road bikes, electric bikes, etc.

Note: Each model may have different sizing. Go through the official size guide of the particular model you are interested in.

Giant mountain bike size charts

Models – Anthem Advanced Pro 29 1/3, Trance X 29 1/2, Trance X Advanced Pro 29 SE/1/2/3, Trance 29 1/2/3, XTC Advanced 29 1/3, XTC SLR 29 2, Yukon 1/2, Fathom 1/2/29, Fathom 29 1/2, Trance X 1/2/3, Stance 29 1/2 (2022), Stance E+ 1 Pro, Reign Advanced Pro 0/1, Reign Advanced Pro 29 1/2, Reign SX, Reign 29, Reign 29 SX, and Reign 2 (2023)

5’4″-5’8″163-172cmSmall (S)
5’7″-5’11”171-180cmMedium (M)
5’10”-6’2″179-188cmLarge (L)
6’2″-6’6″187-198cmX-Large (XL)

Models – Talon 1/2/4

5’1″-5’5″155-166cmXS (27.5″)
5’4″-5’8″163-172cmS (27.5″/29″)
5’7″-5’10”169-179cmM (27.5″/29″)
5’9″-6’1″176-186cmL (29″)
6’0″-6’4″183-193cmXL (29″)

Model – ATX (2021/2022)

5’0″-5’2″152-157cmXXS (26″)
5’2″-5’4″157-162cmXS (26″)
5’4″-5’7″162-170cmS (27.5″)
5’7″-5’9″170-175cmM (27.5″)
5’9″-6’1″175-185cmL (27.5″)
6’1″-6’4″185-193cmXL (27.5″)

Model – Stance (2021)

5’1″-5’5″155-165cmXS (Extra Small)
5’4″-5’8″163-172cmSmall (S)
5’7″-5’11”171-180cmMedium (M)
5’10”-6’2″179-188cmLarge (L)
6’2″-6’6″187-198cmX-Large (XL)

Models – STP 26/26 SS (2022)


Giant road bikes size charts

Models – Propel Advanced 1/Disc 1, Propel Advanced SL 0/AXS (2023), Propel Advanced Pro 0 Di2, TCR Advanced SL Disc 0/Disc 1 AXS, TCR Advanced SL Disc 0 Dura-Ace, TCR Advanced Pro Disc 0 AR/Disc 0 Di2, TCR Advanced 2 Pro Compact, TCR Advanced Disc 1+/AR, TCR Advanced Disc 1 Pro Compact, TCR Advanced Disc 2 Pro Compact, Defy Advanced 0/1/2, Defy Advanced Pro 1/Pro 2 AXS/Pro 2 Di2/Pro 2 AX, Contend AR 1/3/4, and Contend 3 (2022)


Model – Trinity Advanced Pro 2


Models – Fastroad E+ EX, Fastroad AR 2, Fastroad AR Advanced 1, Escape Disc 1/2/3, Cypress 1/2/3, and Escape 3/Comfort 3


Giant cross and gravel bikes sizing

Models – Revolt 2 (2022), Revolt Advanced Pro 0/1, and Revolt X Advanced Pro 0/1/2


Models – Roam 2/3/4 DISC (2021) and Roam 2 E+ GTS


Models – TCX Advanced Pro 0/1/2


Giant electric bikes

Models – Talon E+, Trance X E+, Trance X Advanced E+ EL 01/2, Stance E+, Reign E+, Road E+ Pro, Roam E+, and Explore E+ 2 GTS


Models – Trance X Advanced E+ LTD, Stance E+ 1/2/3, and Reign E+ 2/3


Giant Junior

4’9″-5’5″145-165cmOne Size

A bit about the brand history

Giant Bicycles Brand History

Giant Bicycles are renowned around the world for producing a range of bikes over the years. It all began in the year 1972 when the bike brand was founded by King Liu with a small start. However, the Taiwanese company began making bikes only by 1981.

Giant started by manufacturing bikes for other brands, including Schwinn Bikes. Things took a turn as Schwinn decided to part ways in 1987. This resulted in Giant producing bikes for themselves and was a game-changer in many ways.

Are Giant bikes good?

Giant bike quality

Heck Yea! Giant bikes are known to be the biggest bicycle brand in the world with its humble start in Taiwan. What makes them powerful is the fact that they are known to be the original equipment manufacturer. Before they began manufacturing their bikes, they were involved in making them for other known brands. This led to the rise of Giant bikes as they gained knowledge and experience in producing bikes.

There’s no doubt that Giant bikes are not only good but way ahead when you compare them to other brands.

What makes Giant special?

If you want to gain an audience and trust, you need to cater to everyone. This is why the brand has been on top as they offer bikes for different price categories. They are well-known for making quality lower-priced bicycles and also focus on a range of bikes.

The costlier models might be a tad expensive, but they surely offer spectacular features that attract a large audience.

1. They have range of bikes

It is astonishing to know that the bike brand makes a range of bikes with sub-divisions within them. Whether it be, road bikes, hybrid bikes, e-bikes, mountain bikes, etc. They also produce a different set of bikes for women, better known as Liv bikes.

Categories of bikes –

  • On-road
  • Off-road
  • X-road
  • Youth
  • E-bikes

These are some of the categories of bikes produced by Giant with each having its sub-categories.

2. Top-notch frames

Frames produced by Giant are considered to be top-tier as they started as an original equipment manufacturer. This might come as a surprise for some as they supply a few to Trek as well.

3. Suspension technology

It uses the Maestro System in which the suspension technology is solely focused on bridging a gap between the pedals and driving action. This eventually helps climb up a slope without much of an issue.

4. Quality components

The company offers good quality components with a reasonably affordable price tag. Since they have been an OEM for a long time, you’re in good hands.

Pros and cons of Giant bikes

Giant bikes are extremely popular with a lot to offer for a bike enthusiast and even for casual riders. However, there is a good and a bad side that you need to look at it equally.

Pros –

  1. Affordable – Giant bikes are pocket-friendly that suit everyone’s budget without compromising on the quality of the bike.
  2. Amazing Shock-Absorption – The magic of high-tech suspension forks allows you to have a comfortable ride on bumpy rides with marvelous shock absorption.
  3. Long-lasting – Since they are made with high-end materials, these bikes have a longer life span.
  4. Top quality – There’s never a compromise in quality as the parts assembled to make Giant bicycles are superior.

Cons –

  1. Power cut out of E-Bikes – Some of its E-bikes have faced power cut-out issues due to improper fitting of the sealed unit. However, the company is aware of this and has rectified this problem for a few e-bikes.
  2. Handlebars are damaged easily – The handlebars of their E-bikes can be under the pump with a small accident or dropping your bike.

3 popular Giant bike series/models

There are always going to be top favorites among bike lovers, likewise, some of its bikes are widely popular among people. Here they are –

1. Giant Contend – This road bike falls in the entry-level category and is considered to be one of the best beginner-friendly bikes. For a comfortable ride, this one is right up there.

2. Giant Escape – Offering the comfort of a road bike along with the features of a mountain bike, the Escape is a hybrid bike and comprises disc brakes, numerous gears, with a road-style frame.

3. Giant Propel – It is an aero road bike that utilizes disc brakes with flat-mount technology. The Propel has an advanced-grade composite frame, and it has been said that the disc-brake integration produces lesser drag when compared to normal caliper brakes.


Giant is undoubtedly one of the top bicycle manufacturers in the world. With a humongous list of models, they offer the best biking experience one can have.

Is Giant a good bike brand? Definitely! I’m a fan of their bikes as the fact that they deliver quality with unfathomable innovations in them and a plethora of bike models on offer.

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