Is Hiland A Good Bike Brand? Honest Review!

Is Hiland A Good Bike Brand? Honest Review!

Are Hiland bikes good? Is the brand reliable? Does it manufacture durable bikes? These are some of the questions new bicycle enthusiasts have. If I have to answer your queries straight away, Hiland produces affordable and new-entry bikes, however its products are not excellent and they compromise on quality. It’s definitely not an ideal brand for experienced riders.

Having said that, some of its electric and mountain bikes are highly customer rated and worth looking out for individuals on a tight budget (mention below). Talking about its history, Hiland started around 22 years ago and they claim to produce one million bicycles in a year. The brand manufactures its products, especially e-bikes at Neuzer Bicycle Factory in Hungary.

In this guide, we will talk about Hiland bike lineup, range, quality, frame material, warranty, and more!

Review of Hiland bike brand

1. Frame material and weight

Hiland bike frame

Bike weight is one of the important factors that reflects the quality of the frame and components used in the bike. Hiland offers mountain bikes in both steel and aluminium frames. Steel is a bit cheaper and heavier, so the brand uses steel frames in all its low-end mountain bikes.

For example, BAMC031 MTB is equipped with hi-ten steel frame and has a weight about 18kg/39lbs. At the higher-end, H200 has aluminum frame, suspension fork, rims, and weighs just around 15kg/33lbs.

When it comes to road bikes, aluminium and carbon are the most common options. Carbon frames are super light and expensive, so you’ll find that most Hiland road bikes are of aluminum frame and rims. Needless to say, Hiland uses different materials according to its design and pricing.

2. Affordability

Road bikes under $400? Yes! Hiland’s selling point is making its bicycles super cheap that can be afforded by everyone. The brand offers road bikes with 21-speed shifter and Shimano derailleaur at just $369.99, like the Daring 700x25C model. Also, 24-inch and 26-inch mountain bikes cost as low as $190.

Crazy, right? Hiland bikes are one of the least expensive ones out there. The low-price is mainly due to the quality of parts or components used.

3. Bike range and models

Hiland manufactures variety of bicycle types, such as BMX, Youth, Road, MTB, Cruiser, Hybrid, and Electric Bikes. As you can see, Hiland tries to dominate bicycles across different categories, except for kids under age 7. The brand currently offers around 30 plus bike models targeting riders with different requirements. Below are some of the models –

  • Climber
  • BAMC030/31/32
  • H100, H200, H300
  • Roon
  • Lion
  • Gamille
  • Slycan
  • Mag
  • Vintage
  • Jade
  • Alliance
  • Rockshark
  • Redeem
  • Shelley
  • Jeff
  • Clifford

From the list above, H200 is one of the most highly rated Hiland MTBs on Amazon with 1k+ plus ratings (Check out the ). H200 Price

4. Warranty

Like any other bicycle manufacturers, Hiland too offers great warranty on its products. Meaning, the brand will repair your bike for free if you face any problem with parts or components. There is a 2 year warranty on brakes, gears, seatposts, wheels, cranksets, front forks, handlebars, etc. Additionally, a lifetime warranty on frame is given to its customers.

But wait, there is a condition. The warranty policy doesn’t cover damages caused by accidents, misuse, crashes, and improper assembly. More details can be found on its official website!

5. Components

Bicycle components Hiland

Honestly speaking, you’ll get what you paid for when buying a Hiland bicycle. Dirt cheap prices but you have to compromise a little on the quality of some components. Rough gear, chain jam, squeaky brakes, and misaligned derailleurs are some of the things you may encounter with Hiland bikes.

If you are a beginner, I don’t think these problems would hinder your casual bicycling experience. For a professional bicyclist who loves to hit rocky and hilly paths, Hiland bike materials will NOT be kind to you.

6. After-sale service

Bikes are machines and at times they may need servicing and also replacing of parts or replacing the product may be needed. In rare and unfortunate cases, there is a chance a customer may receive a defective piece. Hiland prides itself on its fast and excellent after-sale service. They provide ’30-day no reason return policy’, ’email reply in 24 hours’, online bike registration facility for availing warranty, and others.

Apart from the dealers, Hiland also partners with many local bike shops all across Europe and United States. They offer services, such as pickup, assembly, and maintenance support. According to my knowledge and research, most customers find satisfaction in its service.

7. Sizing

Mountain bikes are sized according to the length of the seat tube, commonly known as frame size. But, Hiland bikes are mostly displayed in wheel sizes, like 20″, 26″, 27.5″, 700x40C, and 700x25C. So, don’t get confused with it. Each of the model comes with sizing guide as per rider’s height, and I advise you to go through it properly. Check out things like standover height and maximum/minimum saddle height.

My verdict: is Hiland a good bike brand?

For someone who wants to get into bicycling but is limited by a tight budget, Hiland as a brand is not a bad choice. Professional bikers may however avoid it as it will less likely meet up with their expectations when aggressively handling the bike or when riding off-road on uneven terrains.

There are adults/teens who want to ride a bicycle twice or thrice a week. For them, a cheap one will do the job. Hiland bikes are definitely meant for these type of people. Despite limited capabilities and performance, a Hiland bike can be a perfect choice for the first timers (i,e only when you choose a model like Slycan or H200).

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