Bikes For Heavy People: How To Select The Best + Weight Guide

Bikes For Heavy People: Size Guide & How To Select The Best

Bicycling can be a lot of fun, as it is not only useful for travel but also can burn those extra calories. It can be a lot easier for average size people to find an ideal bike. This might not be the case with heavy and bigger guys.

In today’s market, companies have also started producing bikes for heavy people as there is a growing demand for them. Indeed, there might not be enough bicycles for overweight guys as compared to the average-sized individuals, but you shouldn’t be giving up and settling for an uncomfortable bike.

Take it easy and relax, big guy! I’m here to make your search for bikes a lot easier.

First, let us know the right bicycle according to your your weight.

Bike weight limit for big, overweight people

Bikes do have a weight limit and most of them can carry up to 300 pounds. The limit is usually decided by the manufacturers. For heavy people, mountain bikes/fat bikes are considered the best. Let me show you a detailed chart to help you choose the correct bicycle type as per your weight.

Below is a guide on general weight limit for different types of bikes

Fat Tire Bike300-450136-204
Mountain Bike300-375136-170
Electric Bike230-400104-181
Road Bike230-330104-150
Gravel Bike275-360125-163
Hybrid Bike300-350136-159
City/Cruiser Bike225-300102-136

If you are in a hurry, here is the best bike for heavy people – Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike (available on Amazon)

How to select the best bike for heavy people

Bike guide for heavy & fat people

1. Wheel size

26” or 27.5” wheel size seems to be a good option for big guys as it can provide greater control and comfort. Going for a 29” wheel size is also a pretty good option. However, I would recommend a 26/27 inch wheel size.

2. Number of spokes in a wheel

It is known that the higher the amount of spokes, the stronger the wheel is. In my opinion, a wheel with 36 spokes would be perfect as it would be stronger as compared to a wheel with 32 spokes. Wheels with 36 spokes or more can carry a heavier load and also be extremely durable.

When compared to a wheel with 32 spokes, each broken spoke can result in reliability issues. As far as I can say, 36 spokes in a wheel is a must for the big boys or plus size people!

3. Big tires

Wider and bigger tires are essential when you purchase a bike for a bigger/heavier person. Do you know, why? Bigger tires tend to have better traction in off-road areas and it makes it easier for heavier people to ride a bike without any discomfort.

Apart from better traction, bigger tires offer less rolling resistance, and more importantly a comfortable ride for heavy individuals.

4. Brake

For the big boys, disc brakes are the right choice as it offers a lot more breaking power compared to caliper rim brakes. Rim brakes can result in the rim getting heated up, leading to the tires getting exploded.

It is a pretty normal thing faced by heavy riders with rim brakes. However, you won’t find issues like this on disc brakes, and they tend to perform better in rainy conditions as well. If you’re planning to get a bike, go for something with a disc brake, big guy.

4 best bikes for fat people

1. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

Schwinn High Timber ALX 24in
High Timber ALX 24in (Schwinn High Timber is available in a wide range of colors)

A good mountain bike for heavy people should have strong steel or aluminum frame, rigid suspension fork, powerful brakes, and should be light-weight and be able to handle all types of terrain. Well, Schwinn High Timber is packed with all these features and that’s is why it is one of the best selling models from the house of Schwinn.

Schwinn High Timber model comes in different sizes, styles, frames, and colors to match every individual’s requirements. The problem with most of the mountain bikes is that the manufacturers don’t mention the weight limit of the rider. So, you need to choose a bicycle which can withstand bumps, high jumps, and that comes with wide knobby tires.

Schwinn mountain bicycles do possess all these qualities and they are made to last for years. The Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike is definitely a smart choice for fat people.

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2. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Mongoose Dolomite bike for fat people

Mongoose by Dorel Industries is a well known brand when it comes to affordable mid-level MTBs. Their bikes are durable, strong, and are perfect for heavy riders.

Made with alloy steel frame, Mongoose Dolomite is a fat bicycle with 4-inch wide tire. The tires are so big that they can comfortably overcome rough paths, sand, snow, or even rocky surfaces. Whether you are climbing or descending the hills, the shift gears (7 speeds) and disc brakes will make your ride more fun and safe.

Dolomite is designed for riders of 5 ft 6 inch to 6 feet tall. However, you still can adjust the headset according to your height. Some riders may find the bike bit bulky, but overall it’s a decent, affordable bike for an overweight person who wants to just start out. Also, the Dolomite bike can support weight up to 400lbs (181kg).

With thousands of ratings, it is highly recommended for both fat women and men.

3. Mongoose Malus Fat Tire MTB

Mongoose bike for heavy people
Available in different colors

Another best-selling fat tire MTB from Mongoose! Malus has similar features with Dolomite – like the frame material, tire size, and number of speeds. But, I think Malus is a newer version of Dolomite. It weighs much lesser, and the another difference is the built-quality.

Equipped with 26 x 4-inch extra wide tires for more traction and durable parts, Malus provides outstanding grip and stability while pedalling on the rough terrains. It is a great choice for heavy people who want smooth and comfortable ride.

The best thing about fat tires is that they can reduce vibrations and bumps. So, you can expect an easy ride from this Mongoose MTB.

7-speed shifter, alloy rims, lightweight, disc brakes – all these extra features make Malus one of the best mountain bicycles for fat people out there.

4. HILAND Aluminum Mountain Bike (‎HIM015)

Hiland MTB

HILAND Aluminum MTB offers a lot of features for heavy people at an affordable price. Constructed with high-quality aluminum frame and rim, wider seat, dual disc brakes, and front suspension fork, this bike can support big riders up to 275lbs (125kg).

Additionally, the 27.5″ wheel with XC tires are puncture resistant, thanks to its strong rim which can protect the tube from tear and rupture. Whether you are riding on gravels or slopes, there is a less chance of slipping because of its super grip tires.

On top of this, the lock-out fork can absorb bumps to provide you a comfortable ride. Also, there are variety of colors to choose from and the bike comes in two sizes (medium & large). Medium size suits people who are 5’5″-5’10” tall while Large size is perfect for 5’8″-6’2″ riders.

Summing up, this Hiland bicycle is one of best bicycles for heavy people who like to seek adventure without any hindrance.


Does an overweight person need a bike with different materials?

Most of today’s generation bikes that you see in the market can swiftly be classified into three parts as per the materials used. Aluminum, steel, and carbon are mostly the three materials used when making a bicycle.

When you talk about affordable bikes, they are mostly made up of aluminum. As your guide, I would not recommend any big guy to go for an aluminum-made bike as they might not be able to take the weight. The best you can do is, go for steel as they have a higher weight limit. Don’t shy about your weight when you’re about to purchase a bike for yourself, and rather do research.

Many of the manufacturers have weight limits posted online, and you can get a good idea about which material you can go for.

Many sales persons might not know about the weight limit, and what would be the ideal material for your bike. Okay! Steel seems to be the best bet for heavier individuals.

Which bicycle type is ideal for heavy people?

Finding the ideal bike type can be a tough task. However, there are certain factors as well that you need to keep in mind. Some of them are wheel size, higher weight capacity, strong frame, good brakes, and proper suspension.

Coming to the question, there are several ideal candidates for an overweight person. Road bikes, mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, and also electric bikes are some of the ideal bike types for an overweight person. Since everyone has a preference and has a different body structure, these four types of bikes are the ideal options.

Do bikes have weight limits?

The answer is an affirmative, ‘Yes’. Bicycles tend to come with weight limits, some manufacturers don’t wish to specify them. Most road bikes, mountain bikes, and others offer a maximum weight capacity of 270-300 pounds.

While some fat bikes and E-Bikes provide a weight capacity of 400 pounds or more.

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Wrapping up…

If you’re reading this, I can assume through my superpowers that you’re planning to get a bicycle for yourself, big guy! Jokes apart, numerous bikes offer good performance and control for the average crowd. For heavy and bigger individuals, it might not be the ideal situation to purchase a bike that can cause discomfort due to the size of the bike being small.

Things have been changing in the bike industry with many manufacturers producing bicycles specifically for bigger and heavier people. Currently, you can find a range of options in the form of road bikes, mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, and so on for the big guys too.

However, it is important to know about the ideal wheel size, frame size, number of spokes, and others to have a comfortable bike ride.

Keep cycling and be healthy!

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