41 Girl Names For Bikes With Meanings (Fun & Unique!)

Names For Bikes With Meanings

Getting a name for your bicycle can be exciting and a fun way to give it a character. Most people want to give a female name to their bike, and it has been evident with many bikers keeping a feminine nickname for their beloved bikes.

Are you also one of them looking for an elegant name? You can take it easy, as I have a list of interesting girl names for your bike with different meanings. Let’s have a look:

Girl names for bicycles

1. Aurora

Meaning – Dawn

Known to be the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora symbolizes a fresh start of a new day. Who wouldn’t want their bike to be compared to a goddess? I would take that any time. It gives a royal feel to your bike and signifies a fresh start to the day whenever you ride it.

2. Luna

Meaning – Moon

If you’re a person who loves to ride at night, Luna is the name. Derived from the Latin word for moon, it brings a mysterious feel to it. Bike riders who want more of a magical name can opt for Luna as it has a touch of dazzle.

3. Zephyra

Meaning – Gentle Breeze

It sounds stunning, right? If you want something graceful, Zephyra can be the ideal name that can guide you effortlessly through the roads. Having such a light name makes you feel you have your own princess.

4. Seraphina

Meaning – Fiery

Carrying some fire in its belly, it sounds more of a female warrior with oodles of energy. Seraphina will turn your rides into a vibrant one with a sense of purpose. If you’re a person who needs a fascinating girl name for your bike, this could be the one.

5. Aria

Meaning – Air/Song

As soothing as a melody, Aria fits perfectly for riders who want a genuine feminine name for their two-wheeled companion. A smaller name makes it easier to remember and brings an intimate connection between the rider and bike.

6. Lila

Meaning – Night

Alright! This is more of an Arabic name that sounds alluring and mysterious too. People who treat their bicycles as a girlfriend may love this. Moreover, it sounds unique that makes it 2x attractive.

7. Sophia

Meaning – Wisdom

For those who want a touch of a Hollywood character name with a blend of intelligence, Sophia is a pretty adorable one to keep. It may not be the hottest name, but it does sound regal and interesting.

8. Olivia

Meaning – Olive

It is a very common name for girls, and the name is derived from the word ‘Olive’. If you aren’t into fast-paced names, this can be the ideal fit for the bike as a name. Irrespective of your bike riding preference, Olivia can sit perfectly for anyone.

9. Valencia

Meaning – Strong

The name has a lot of weight and strength overall, that can be your motivation to tackle any challenge with confidence. Keeping this name will keep reminding you about how strong you are, and also it sounds kind of hot. Isn’t it?

10. Habibi

Meaning – Beloved

If you want a Middle-Eastern name, Habibi can top the list as it sounds scintillating. Whether you’re a girl or a guy, it does bring a sense of close connect with your bike. If I had to be honest, wouldn’t you like to call your bike as your beloved?

11. Isabella

Meaning – Pledged to God

As a popular name widely used in Hollywood movies, it embodies devotion and strength. Isabella has a vibe of its own that can be ideal for a bike and can make you feel closer to it.

12. Valentina

Meaning – Strong

It can be termed as the feminine version of the name ‘Valentine’; it signifies strength and is a front runner as a name for bikes. It imparts a sense of resilience and vitality, which can be the correct choice to tackle terrains and numerous challenges.

13. Amara

Meaning – Immortal

For those who want a timeless name, Amara syncs with the requirements. As it is eternal in its meaning, an older bike would be suitable to be titled as this particular word. What do you think of it as a name?

14. Zara

Meaning – Princess

Derived from an Arabic name, it carries a sense of royalty and delicateness as a whole. Such a name should be a good option for bikes that you have a high regard for and bikes you do not want to have any kind of scratches on.

15. Freya

Meaning – Goddess of Love

Freya sounds powerful with a blend of love. Naming the bike Freya can symbolize the affection you have for it, and it isn’t your regular name.

16. Evangeline

Meaning – Bearer of Good News

As per Greek language, this fascinating name translates to bearer of good news. It shows positivity for your bicycle rides, and can make way for promising journeys ahead.

17. Esmeralda

Girly bicycle name

Meaning – Emerald

As unique it can get, Esmeralda means ‘Emerald’ in Spanish. It embodies the vibrant green energy of nature. People who are intrigued by nature rides, this can be the right name for them.

18. Valkyrie

Meaning – Strength & Courage

Valkyrie is named after the courageous Norse warrior women. It reflects oodles amount of energy and passion for taking on any challenges.

19. Siren

Meaning – Alluring seductress of the Sea

Your bike is also a bombshell that you can ride on. Siren sounds like an action-packed and alluring name that can keep you enchanted to your bicycle.

20. Sapphire

Meaning – Precious Gem

We all do love something which is precious to us. The name ‘Sapphire’ represents rarity and beauty, which can be an amazing option for those who are deeply connected with their two-wheeler companion.

21. Mystique

Meaning – Mystery

A name which displays an air of mystery that provides a killer combination of being enchanting and feminine.

22. Artemis

Meaning – Goddess of the Wilderness

Artemis signifies independence with a knack of hunting of its prey. If you’re looking for a wild name that also has a touch of grace, here’s a pick for you.

23. Ember

Meaning – Warmth & Passion

Inspired by glowing embers, the name screams out loud with exuberance and warmth. It signifies a dual personality which can be wild and also a soft side.

24. Rogue

Comic bike name

Meaning – Adventurous

There was a female character in the older X-Men series who used to be a powerful mutant with stunning super powers. Similarly, Rogue goes along well for those who want flair of power and bravery for their bike.

25. Gypsy

Meaning – Free Spirit

Dear travel enthusiasts; this one is specifically for you. A name like Gypsy can keep you close with your bike. It may not be a person in reality, but there has to be some kind of connect with it.

26. Phoenix

Meaning – Mythical Bird

If you have been a fan of resilience and some action too, you can keep the name of this mythical bird for your bicycle.

27. Electra

Meaning – Nod to Electricity

At times, your bike needs a name with an x-factor that can mesmerize you. In such circumstances, Electra is the one.

28. Callista

Meaning – Most Beautiful

A classy name that celebrates the elegance of your bike, and can be the one you have been looking for all over the internet.

29. Selene

Meaning – Moon

Another name on my list means the moon and has a strong touch of femininity, Selene can be ideal for people who want a powerful name.

30. Ophelia

Meaning – Help

A bike can be your companion that can help you in numerous ways. Needless to say, Ophelia should be termed as an official name for bikes in my opinion.

31. Astra

Meaning – Star

As you consider your bike as a prized possession, Astra seems a great match for it.

32. Arabella

Meaning – Grace

It is an exquisite name for cyclists who need a bit of grace and beauty. Also, if you’re looking for a royal name, this could be a pretty handy one.

33. Celestia

Meaning – Heavenly

For those who consider their bikes to be out of this world, a heavenly name like Celestia is the right pick. It also sounds enchanting. Isn’t it?

34. Paloma/Palomar

Meaning – Dove

Do you have bike you care a lot about? If yes, Paloma would fit immaculately. It will bring a touch of harmony and peace to your ride. The name is so cool that some popular bike companies like Vikings and GT Bicycles use it in their ladies’ bike models.

35. Freesia

Meaning – Delicate Flower

If you believe that your bike is a work of art and is delicate to handle, name it Freesia. With a mix of passion and elegance, it should be your choice when looking for a girly bicycle name.

36. Sonata

Meaning – Musical Name

It infuses a sense of rhythm and harmony to bike rides, and a stellar name for music lovers. Additionally, it can be easy to remember.

37. Nova

Meaning – New

The name reflects a fresh start, ideal for new riders. There’s even an Asian bicycle brand with the said name. Nova also means a type of star that suddenly shines during a certain stage.

38. Blaze

Meaning – Burn

Sounds a bit aggressive, but it can be in sync for individuals who need a passionate name. Great name for someone who has a cross-country MTB!

39. Kalina

Meaning – Flower

It is a Slavic origin word that carries an air of grace along with natural beauty. If you have a girly bicycle or a beach cruiser with bright color, it’s a nice name to go for.

40. Vespera

Meaning – Evening Star

If you prefer taking out your bike mostly at the late hours of the day, Vespera is the one for you. And don’t get confused with the Italian scooter brand ‘Vespa’. It has totally different meaning.

41. Leocadia

Meaning – Bright

As unique as it sounds, it signifies clarity and focus. It is a splendid name for your bicycle that leads to the roads.

Final thoughts

Choosing the correct name for a bike is a personal preference, reflecting your bond with the two-wheeled babe. These 41 names provide a range of feelings and meanings.

Whether your bike is a source of self-discovery, adventure, or a fun ride, the ideal name is waiting for you right now! With a handful of names, you can take your time and select the best one that fits your bike.

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