Kona Bike Size Chart – Process 134, Rove, Dew Plus, Sutra etc.

Kona Bike Size Chart - Process 134, Rove, Dew Plus, Sutra, Splice, & More!

The sizing of Kona bikes is one of the most simplest ones I have come across. Unlike other bicycle manufacturers with different sizing (as per rider’s height) for each bike models, Kona makes things easier by making their bicycle models in the same size category. For example, all the mountain bikes have same sizing (not geometry). A 5 feet 8 inches tall man with 29″-31″ inseam will fit in all medium size MTBs, irrespective of the models.

Kona has about 13 plus bicycle models that suit men and women of height ranging from 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 5 inches plus. Sutra, Kona’s top-selling model offers six sizes, starting from 48cm – 58cm frame size. Process X, which is another popular MTB comes in four sizes. Whether you are a tiny or a large rider, there is a Kona bike that will perfectly match your body structure.

Below is the Kona bike sizing charts as per the bike types and models. I advise you to go through the specs and geometry of the specific Kona model you are interested in on their official website as well.

Kona gravel/road bike sizing

Models – Rove, Rove DL/LTD, Rove AL 650/700, Jack, Libre, Libre CR/DL, Sutra, and Sutra LTD

5’9″-6’0″30”-33”52-56cm (54-56cm for Sutra)

Models – Dew, Dr Dew, Dew Deluxe/Plus, and Coco


Kona mountain bike size chart

Category – MTB Hardtail, XC Trail, Fatbike, Enduro, and all other mountain bikes

Models – Process, Honzo, Big Honzo, Hei Hei, Splice, Kahuna, Cinder Cone, Mahuna, Fire Mountain, Lava Dome, Lana’i, Unit, Woo, Wo, Shonky, Hula, and Makena

4’10”-5’1″24”-27”Extra Small (Small for Splice model)
5’11”-6’2″32”-35”Large/Extra Large
6’1″-6’5″33”-36”Large/Extra Large

Finding the right Kona bike size using ‘standover’

Kona Standover height
Standover = distance from top tube to the ground

Determining a frame size based on inseam and standover is probably one of the best ways in finding a comfortable bicycle. If you are not aware, an inseam is the length from your crotch to the ground (with legs open – about 1 foot apart). Bike standover, on the other hand is the distance from the top tube frame to the ground.

The rule of thumb is – there should be a clearance or gap of 1″-2″ between your crotch and the top tube while straddling on the bike. Basically, if you have a 29″ inseam, you’ll want a bike with either a 28″/27″ standover height.

Kona clearly mentions ‘standover’ in millimeter on each of their bike model’s geometry. So, compare your inseam and bike standover accordingly and decide the frame size. Look at the image below for better understanding:

Kona bike geometry
Conversion – 752mm = 75.2cm/29.6″

Still confused? Here’s the complete guide – how to know bike size by inseam!

3 Kona bicycle models you may like

1. Kona Process 134

Kona Process 134
Kona Process 134 CR D

The Kona Process 134 comes in variety of models with different specs, components, wheel sizes, and price tags, such as Process 134 CR 29, Process 134 DL 27.5, and Process 134 27.5. Process 134 is a solid-built, dual suspension, downhill bike tailored for riding on different types of terrain. Available from $2,500 to as high as $8,000, all Kona Process models perform exceptionally well on both descents and climbs.

The entry-level Process 134 27.5 is affordable and is equipped with 6061 aluminum frame, Shimano MT201 Hydraulic brakes, and 27.5 sized wheels. Meanwhile, PROCESS X CR/DL is a high-end model and features top-notch components like light carbon frame, double butted spokes, aggressive geometry, impressive tires, and so on.

2. Kona Rove


Rove is another impressive line-up from Kona. It is available in five varieties with different frame materials, components, and specifications. The brand labelled Rove as ‘adventure-ready drop bar bike’. It is built for fast commuting or hitting on gravel, asphalt, or light single-track.

As per your ride requirements, you can opt for any Rove model you like. Rove AL 650, the cheapest one from line-up uses aluminium butted frame, Shimano Claris 11-34t 8spd cassette, WTB SX19 rims, comfortable geometry, and comes with bigger tire clearance.

The high-end model Rove LTD uses butted cromoly frame, Shimano GRX 600/SRAM Apex shifters, hydraulic brakes, Shimano GRX 810, and other Kona branded components. Rove ticks all the boxes of a solidly built gravel bike made for adventurous rides.

3. Kona Dew Plus


Under $1000 urban/commuter bike from premium brand like Kona, Dew Plus is absolutely a budget beast with 10-speed drivetrain, 6061 aluminium frame, hydraulic disc brakes, 27.5″/650b wheels, and rigid suspension.

Dew Plus, brother of old Dew model offers responsive shifters, smooth tires, relaxing geometry, and comfortable ride. Many riders on reddit are happy with Dew Plus. The model isn’t obviously equipped with high quality parts, however, it is a comfortable new bike with great capability, for $829? I think it’s a smart choice for any bike enthusiast out there.

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